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KE Remote Systems is the trading name of K.I.S.S. Engineering Pty Ltd.
As we all know, K.I.S.S. stands for

"Keep it Simple Stupid"

At KE this is not just a saying; it is the overriding principal on all that we do. Our camera cranes and remote heads are simple strong and easy to use. No list of features a mile long that you never use….. just basic, reliable, functional camera support equipment. This simplicity means great reliability with no costly breakdowns when you should be out shooting.


KE Carbon Fibre Camera Crane a fully modular, 10m carbon fibre camera jib. The EMU Crane can be supplied at any length from 2m up to 10m. It is easy to transport, set-up and use. Carbon fibre construction delivers a rigid, light weight Jib that out preforms it aluminium rivals. For more information follow the links below.

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KE Carbon Fibre Camera crane

KE StudioMaster Studio Crane specifically designed to provide camera movement solutions where space is at a premium. Designed primarily for use in a small to medium studio, The StudioMaster can also be easily moved between studios if required. Clever design, combined with the use of Durable, lightweight Carbon Fibre, gives an easy setup, easy to use and extremely stable camera platform, all at a very reasonable price. For more information follow the links below.

KE StudioMaster Specs
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KE StudioMaster Studio Crane

KE Eagle Remote Head a lightweight remote head that gives you amazing performance and load carrying ability all in a compact package. You can mount anything from a DSLR right up to a RED with excellent speed and control. For more information follow the links below.

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KE Eagle Remote Head
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KE Eagle Remote Head

KE Rear Control System an amazing world first for camera crane control. This system, offered with all KE Cranes is designed with the operator in mind. The two handgrips are infinitely adjustable allowing for maximum comfort. The LCD touch screen control unit and the 7” monitor are linked with the control handles so that as the crane moves up and down, you always have a perfect view. This is what happens when the designer of the system is also an operator….. simple really. For more information follow the links below.

KE Rear Control System Specs
KE Rear Control System Pics
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KE Rear Control System

KE Camera Positioning System designed to allow the accurate positioning of a Video or stills camera anywhere within your studio space….. All with simple touch screen control. Repeatable positional accuracy of better than 1mm is achieved with the use of high precision DC servo motors, zero backlash planetary gearheads and digital encoders. Full control of zoom and focus function is also delivered. For more information follow the link below.

KE Camera Positioning System Specs
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KE Camera Positioning System

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